CALY Technologies’ SiC products offer unrivaled protection and superior performance than silicon devices in Transportation & EV applications. Our protection products are used in battery packs and power converters to limit the inrush or short-circuit current. The characteristics of our products for AC-to-DC and DC-to-DC power converters bring more efficiency and faster operation, leading to smaller, lighter, and less costly systems. The ability of our SiC products to operate at higher temperatures allows reducing the size of or even eliminate the cooling system.

Robotization of production lines and industry is today at unprecedented levels, and this is just the starting point. Superior reliability and efficiency provided by CALY Technologies’ SiC products greatly improve equipment availability and generate substantial operational cost savings. Our Protection and Power Conversion products are used in Industrial Power Supplies and Motor Drives to reduce inrush currents, limit overload / short-circuit current, and cut down losses, helping boost efficiency.

New generation aircrafts including composite materials are more sensitive to the indirect effects on electronics systems induced by lightning strikes. CALY Technologies' Current Limiting Devices (CLD) used in lightning protection systems allow a dramatic reduction in terms of size, weight, and cost compared to TVS-only solutions, while offering unequaled protection levels against surge, inrush current (e.g. due to capacitors pre-charge), and short-circuit. SiC products developed by CALY Technologies enable high-density power applications for Aircraft, Satellite and Radar.

At today’s energy prices, LED lighting is expected to save $250 billion in cumulative energy costs by 2030. Based on our line of Current Limiting Devices (CLD), CALY Technologies offers a cost competitive, simpler, more compact, and safer solution for indoor and outdoor and LED driving and protection. Lightning protection solutions based on CALY Technologies’ CLDs are used to keep safe people and equipment in Type 2 and Type 3 Surge Protection Devices (SPD).

Cleaner energy sources and the deployment of High-voltage DC (HVDC) power transmission lines imposes boosting the efficiency of the systems used to transform energy from wind and sunshine into electricity transmitted to final users at homes and businesses. CALY Technologies’ SiC products offer significant efficiency gains, reducing size, weight, and cost by operating at higher frequencies, voltages, and temperature, unleashing the whole potential of HVDC by reducing the number of devices needed in AC/DC and DC/AC converters.

New generation implantable devices that need to deliver voltages close to 1kV, such as Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator (ICD), strive for reducing size and improving efficiency. Off-the-shelf and custom SiC diodes and transistors from CALY Technologies enable boosted-efficiency and minimum-size DC-to-DC converters. Imaging, Therapy, and Diagnostic equipment needs for compactness and efficiency also benefits from our SiC products for power conversion and protection applications.

Data Centers key constraints are availability and power consumption reduction. Power conversion activities inside an average data center account for more than 10% of the energy consumed. Using SiC diodes and transistors from CALY Technologies, instead of less performing Si devices, allow a dramatic improvement of energy usage efficiency, thus minimizing losses and allowing significantly reduction of cooling needs. CALY Technologies SiC protection products enable the implementation of new generation lightning protection devices in order to increase on-time, allowing centers to remain on and supplied after a lightning strike.



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CALY Technologies expertise is built over a solid and rich soil of more than 20 years of research in SiC Semiconductors and Power Electronics. Knowledge, proficiency, judgement, and teamwork are CALY Technologies cornerstones to create disruptive solutions and guarantee Customer’s success. Let us help you to invent the Future!
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