3 Reasons why using SiC Diodes in your High Voltage Multiplier

SiC JBS diodes exhibit much lower leakage current as well as a better thermal behavior compared to Si Ultrafast diodes, which make them better suited for Power Applications and High Frequency Applications:

  1. Better thermal conductivity
  2. Lower ON-state resistance
  3. No Reverse Recovery Time at diode turn-off

Which leads to a more compact design.

Example of characteristics and benefits in a typical application: 1kV → 5kV, 100W, 5 stages voltage multiplier:

SiC JBS diode based solution Si Ultrafast diode based solution Benefits*
Easier Ripple Filtering Low frequency ripple on output voltage SiC based design means lower capacitors’ costs
Low ceramic capacitors cost : 0,5$/100 pieces High film caps cost : 1$/100 pieces
Low ESR/ESL capacitors, best for pulse discharge behavior Parasitic inductance in film capacitors
Full SMD: One pass soldering for components Through-hole package: Two pass soldering for components (SMD one pass, Through-hole one dedicated pass) Full SMD allows lower manufacturing time
Compact and flat 60 x 30 x 6 mm Large and bulky : 80 x 90 x 25 mm SiC based design has a more compact PCB
Transformer’s size (ETD29 Core 9.8 x 30.6 x 16 mm) reduced by 2 thanks to the higher switching frequency Bigger transformer (ETD59 Core 22.1 x 59.8 x 31.2 mm) with low switching frequency SiC designs allow a more compact transformer with costs divided by 4 from ETD59 to ETD29 core

*Parameters and benefits exposed in this table have to be correlated with applications and needs.

Example of a 3.6kV Power supply using 1.2kV SiC diode










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