SiC Current Limiting Devices (CLD)      Electrical Protection Applications

Silicon Carbide (SiC) Current Limiting Devices (CLD) are semiconductor devices designed to clamp the current though them at a given value, hence limiting the amount of energy arriving to an equipment to be protected. CLD’s are particularly useful in protections against Lightning, Over-current, Short-circuit, Over-voltage, as well as Surges generated by heavy equipment switching On and Off. Call us today or contact us on this email address to know more about our SiC Current Limiting Devices (CLD).

SiC Schottky and PiN Diodes      Power Conversion Applications

Silicon Carbide (SiC) Schottky and PiN diodes enable large reductions of overall system cost by improving efficiency, operating at faster frequencies and drastically decreasing cooling needs. This is achieved thanks to the excellent forward and reverse characteristics such as high surge capability, zero reverse and forward recovery, fast and temperature-independent switching behavior, and paralleling of devices without thermal runaway. Call us today or contact us on this email address to request more information about our SiC Schottky and PiN Diodes.

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