CALY Technologies Announces the Release of Small Footprint SiC Current Limiting Devices (CLD)

CALY Technologies Releases Small Footprint SiC Current Limiting Devices (CLD)

Villeurbanne – FRANCE, December 12, 2017. CALY Technologies, the specialist in SiC Protection Devices, announces the release of small footprint SiC Current Limiting Devices (CLD). The first device being released in a small footprint package is the KE12LS060SB, a 0.6-Ohm, 1200V CLD from the KE12LS060 family. Already existing in a TO-247 (KE12LS060T47), the KE12LS060SB uses an SMB (DO-214AA) package.
Compared to the device version in TO-247 package, the version in SMB (DO-214AA) offers a much smaller footprint, much lighter weight, enabling higher integration factor, as well as lower inserted inductance for the same protection characteristics in the micro-second to milli-second range. small footprint SiC Current Limiting Devices (CLD)
Based on comparative measurements, the device in SMB package shows the same behavior and protecting performance than the device in TO-247 package, for surges covered by IEC 61000-4-5, RTCA/DO-160 section 22, Telcordia GR-1089-CORE. These results are shown in the figures below. Performance comparison KE12LS060 in SMB and TO-247 packages
SPICE electro-thermal models have been updated for KE12LS060SB (SMB) and KE12LS060T47 (TO-247) devices. They can be downloaded from the Datasheets Section of CALY Technologies’ website. These models are intended to be used with LTSpice. Please refer to Application Note AN-00029-17 for more information about these models and how to use them.
Other package types available on request.
For more information contact CALY Technologies or have a look at our CLD web page.

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