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Technical Journals

Silicon Carbide (SiC) Current Limiting Devices. The Game Changer in Electrical Protection against Energetic and Fast Transients [Download PDF] Dr Jean-Baptiste Fonder (FAE), Dr Dominique Tournier (CTO), Gonzalo Picun (BDM) and Laurent Martinez (Sales Mgr) BODO’s Power Systems, July 2020 58-61 To Protect and to Serve. A novel Silicon Carbide based hybrid surge suppressor module for safeguarding AC and DC power circuitry  [Download PDF] D Tournier, P Brosselard, Ph Burnside BODO’s Power Systems, May 2016 70-71

Scientific communications

Studies on Floating Contact Press-Pack Diodes Surge Current Capability V Banu, M Berthou, J Montserrat, X Jordà, J Millan, P Godignon Materials Science Forum 858, 1053-1056   Repetitive Short-Circuit tests on SiC VMOS devices M Berthou, P Bevilacqua, JB Fonder, D Tournier Materials Science Forum 858, 812-816   Design Impact on the Static and Short-Circuit Characteristics of SiC-SIT with Non-Uniformly Doped Channel SQ Niu, M Berthou, D Tournier Materials Science Forum 858, 925-928   Modeling of Inhomogeneous 4H-SiC Schottky and JBS Diodes in a Wide Temperature Range B Asllani, M Berthou, D Tournier, P Brosselard, P Godignon Materials Science Forum 858, 741-744   An Ultrafast IV Measurement Technique Accounting for Capacitive and Leakage Currents in Reverse Mode for SiC Power Devices JB Fonder, P Brosselard, D Tournier, M Berthou, B Vergne Materials Science Forum 858, 422-425   Repetitive Short-Circuit tests on SiC VMOS devices M Berthou, P Bevilacqua, JB Fonder, D Tournier Materials Science Forum 858, 812-816  

Current Limiting Devices

Part Number Package Polarity Temperature Range VMax ITyp ISat RON Model Datasheet Eval. Board
KE12LS060SB SMB Unidir -55°C to +175°C 1200V 1.6A 10A 0.6Ω YES
KE12LEB150T20 TO220-3L Bidir -55°C to +175°C 1200V 2A 3A 1.5Ω YES
KE12LEB800S223 SOT223-3L Bidir -55°C to +175°C 1200V 0.4A 1.5A 4.5Ω Contact us YES


1.2 kV Diodes


1.7 kV Diodes


3.3 kV Diodes

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Dies per wafer calculator

Die Per Wafer Calculator

Die Per Wafer CalculatorThe tool “Die Per Wafer Calculator” searches the highest number of complete die per wafer. User can customize several parameters such as wafer and die size, scribe lane values and exclusion edge.  In addition, an estimation of good dies is calculated, assuming a statistical law of the fabrication yield and a defect density parameter. A wafer map is automatically displayed, corresponding to the user’s set of parameters.

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