LTSpice Electro-thermal Model of KE12LS200T SiC CLD

LTSpice Electro-thermal Model of 1200V, 2 Ohm SiC CLD KE12LS200

To ease the adoption of its  Silicon Carbide (SiC) Current Limiting Devices (CLD), CALY Technologies makes available for download from its website an Electro-thermal model of the KE12LS200 SiC CLD for simulations under the LTSpice environment.
This model enables transient as well as steady-state electrical simulations. In an electro-thermal model electrical parameters are updated at every simulation step based on the actual junction temperature. At its turn, device junction temperature depends on the power being dissipate in the device.
Application note AN-00029-17 is also available, which describes the derivation of the SiC CLD electro-thermal model and how to use it in LTSpice. The Application Note also provides instructions on how to import the model into LTSpice, and finally compares test and simulations results.
SiC CLD LTSpice model and symbol Results of electro-thermal LTSpice simulations and experimental data
These model and Application Note greatly help customers with the design and deployment of SiC CLD-based lightning and surge protection applications.

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