1.2kV SiC Current Limiting / Regulating Devices

New Family of SiC Current Limiters / Regulators

  Villuerbanne-France, January 25, 2017: CALY Technologies, manufacturer and supplier of specialty SiC devices, releases a family of SiC Current Limiting Devices (CLD) intended for protection and current regulation applications. CLD_News_Schematics
CLDs are two terminal, SiC, monolithic, discrete devices able to keep the current through them constant once their voltage drop goes above a given threshold around 7V to 10V. For lower voltages, CLDs behave like a small constant resistor.
Depending upon construction, CLDs can be unidirectional or bidirectional, allowing their use in DC as well as AC applications.
Unlike JFETs, CLDs are optimized to sustain much higher overload (short-circuit) conditions without degradation, even under repetitive stresses with applied voltages up to 1.2kV. Additionally, CLDs are plug-and-play devices as no driving nor any adjustments is needed to be performed by the final user.
Typical CLD applications comprise lightning and surge protections of power or data busses, circuit breaker assistance, constant current battery pack protections and driverless LED current regulation.
Their robustness, thanks to their manufacturing using in Silicon Carbide (SiC) semiconductor, makes them ideally suited for high-reliability markets such us Aerospace, Transportation and EV, Data Centers, Medical and Smart Grid.
CLDs are available as packaged devices but also as bare dies. Contact us to know about available metallizations.
Visit our CLD page or request more information through our email address sales@caly-technologies.com.
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