SiC Current Limiting Devices (CLD)

Part Number Package Polarity Temperature Range VMax ITyp ISat RON Model Datasheet Eval. Board
KE12LS060SB SMB Unidir -55°C to +175°C 1200V 1.6A 10A 0.6Ω YES
KE12LEB150T20 TO220-3L Bidir -55°C to +175°C 1200V 2A 3A 1.5Ω YES
KE12LEB800S223 SOT223-3L Bidir -55°C to +175°C 1200V 0.4A 1.5A 4.5Ω Contact us YES
Protection standards evolving towards higher voltages like 1.7kV to comply with DO160, new product lines are under development.

Other packages available upon request. For further information, please contact us.
For further implementation information, please visit Electrical Protection Applications page.

Unidirectional CLD




Bidirectional CLD



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